Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Favorite Summer Snack

Jasper eats so many frozen grapes that I decided to enlist his help in making more.

I got his special stool out and he climbed right up to help.

It took him a minute to figure out how to pull them off the vine, but one he got the knack he was a big helper.

Last week I received a call from the gal who was babysitting Jasper. She told me that Jasper was pulling on the freezer door and screaming for something, but she didn't know what he wanted.

I told her to try a popsicle, but she told me that was not what he wanted.

Then it hit me -- he wants frozen grapes. That was the answer. She gave him some and he was a happy guy.

Small video below.


Lisa McCook said...

Cute blog, we tried the frozen grapes and boy they are delicious. thanks for the great idea!!!

Cami said...

I have never had frozen grapes. I am going to put some in the freezer right now. Your little Jasper is a doll!! It was fun to hear your voice again on the video.

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