Friday, June 5, 2009

Come To Our Party!

We are embracing the 20 yards of dirt piled up in our backyard. Come and play with us! Everyone who wants to plop down and play in the dirt is welcome.

Dirt and Dump Trucks Party

What: The most memorable non-birthday party your boys will attend!

Date: Wednesday, June 10th

Time: 3:45 - 5:15 PM

Where: Davidson Residence -- Remember, we've moved to Kingston Hills Court in Amber Ridge. When you get here, just come on back through the side gate

What to bring: Your favorite dump truck, dirt scooper, backhoe, G.I. Joe guys, or whatever else you want top play in the dirt with!

Wear your playclothes and sunscreeen and prepare to get dirty.

We'll provide the dirt, Otter Pops and fun!

Please RSVP via blog comments, Facebook, phone or email.


Rookie Blog said...

oh we so want to come...

Erica said...

So fun!!! This is going to be heaven for Jasper and those little guys who come. I love the idea!

Watch out...he may not want you to finish the backyard now, but just keep it as a giant dirt/sand box!

Jill said...

My boys would be in HEAVEN and Havens. Wish we lived close by so we could come. We've got the dump trucks, shovels and buckets! We do Dirt at our house! The Tonka truck is a great investment to keep them happy isn't it? Miss you and wish I could let my boys go wild in your dirt while I got caught up on your life. Thanks for blogging so we can stay updated. love you!

Lauralee said...

that is such a cute idea.. I always see your blog updates, but rarely comment- just thougt I would this time.

you are such a great mom- your little guy is so lucky! what a great use for all that dirt!

Elizabeth said...

So how did the party go? What a fun idea.

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