Friday, May 1, 2009

Trip to Beaver

My parents needed to go to Beaver last week, so Jasper and I made a short journey up there so we could visit them...and my grandpa...and my friend Bonnie and her boys.

We stayed in adjoining rooms at the Comfort Inn and swam every day. Jasper worked up the courage to jump to me off the side of pool on the first day and has been brave ever since. He also likes to ride around on my back while I am swimming.

Jasper was way overdue for a haircut and paid his first visit to an official barber shop. He was fidgety for the whole hair cut, but he didn't cry or scream at all -- which was a first.

I like the photo with his hands over his head in the barber chair. I call it, "Take a little off the top please." :>

Jasper loved the hotel. Favorite things include: the pool, running in between hotel rooms, having a lot of big doors to open and close, making new friends in the breakfast lounge, and especially riding the luggage cart.

Grammy was nice enough to indulge him with quite a few trips around the hotel -- inside and out.

We had a nice dinner at Maria's and then some fun on the adjoining campground playground -- which was a favorite for me when I was little.

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