Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Littlest Gardener

Jasper loves the mounds of dirt that abound in our backyard due to all the work being done out there.

I was giving our new Ash trees a little extra water and Jasper decided to sit right down in the water and mud and help out.

Since he was already filthy, I figured he might as well stay and play as long as he wanted to.

He is always right there to help me water the plants. My roses and tomatoes are not on a drip system yet, and Jasper loves to help me water them.

If I water the plants out of order, Jasper gets concerned that I have missed a plant. He will point to the one that still needs water to let me know that I skipped it. Little smarty pants.

Video below.

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Ashby Family said...

Pretty tree! You are such an awesome mom for Jasper how to fun to be able to play in the water and mud and Mom says its ok!

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