Monday, April 6, 2009

Piano Man

Jasper pounded out the notes for the opening and closing songs for Family Home Evening tonight on his little star piano.

Our lesson tonight was "I Will Be Reverent". It went right along with the fact that we are trying to teach Jasper how to fold his arms and sit still during prayers. If you have any suggestions --please let me know.


Heather said...

we have been trying to teach max to told his arms. it lasts for about 5 seconds and if we're lucky about 30! I think it just helps that he sees the other kids doing things and he wants to be like them. Teaching reverence is hard for us at age 2. But I do think it's worth the efforts because you're doing your part to help them learn! Keep a goin'! oh - and having fhe with him is so super - he'll learn... eventually. :) then he can come teach abe because he was the biggest wiggle tonight during ours.

Travis Wilson said...


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