Monday, January 19, 2009

Window to the World

This photo is the crux of my current dilemma.

I live in blazing hot Henderson, Nevada.

When we moved here 3 years ago I thought that I had to have shutters to shut out every ray of the super hot sun and keep my house cool.

Now that we own a home, we have debated what kind of window coverings we should buy.

We have some pretty sweet views of the sky and what we call mountains down here from many of our windows.

A few weeks ago I had a pow-wow with my husband, a shutter proponent, about my dilemma. It helped that our chat was during a gorgeous sunset, viewable from all of the to-be shuttered windows. My husband agreed that we had some killer views from our new home.

So I called Mr. Sunburst shutters and said -- I don't want your shutters after all. We are going to soak up light and not see the world through 3 1/2 inch polywood slats.

We'll see if I will be singing a different tune when the summer heat is beating down on us.


Bunting Family said...

That was very poetic! Let the sun shine in~

Anonymous said...

Blinds may be an option. Some of them are pretty nice

Taylor and Jessica Malungahu said...

Mr Sunburst Shutter (the owner maybe not the person you talked to) was my husbands mission president in Australia. I think his name is President Weston.

Taylor and Jessica Malungahu said...

My husbands mission president is the owner of Sunburst Shutters I believe President Weston.

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