Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Catch me if you can

I was trying to salvage Jasper's outfit AND rinse him off in the sink after a diaper that was deserving of a rinse off. Well, I ended up soaking the outift.

The second I undressed Jasper and dried him off he decided to play "race track peek-a-boo" - which is were we race each other around the kitchen island (which is 6 feet long). He still had his socks and penny loafers on. The traction from his shoes helped him go extra fast!

Hopefully we burned a few calories after 10 solid minutes of fun, because we were late getting to the gym.


The George's said...

That is funny.

For the handprint recipe, we found it on I think I have a link to the blog on mine if that's not the right address. They were fun. Just make sure you bake it until they are hard. I wouldn't add the oil.

Merry Christmas.

Ashby Family said...

This makes me laugh because Ariana will do anything to keep her clothes off except for her bum (she does like to have that covered most of the time) These will be great pictures to pull out when the girl friends come over latter

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