Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rocky Start....Happy Ending

We were going to spend a few days at the beginning of our trip with Mike’s Aunt Shauna in Lehi before heading to SLC. We LOVE Aunt Shauna and couldn't wait to see her.

Sunday night we were all packed and ready to go. We called Shauna to confirm our plans, and she said that they were sick, and that her grandkids that she babysits have strep throat. Not good.

So, it was my friend Collette to the rescue. We were excited to see as they recently relocated to Utah from Henderson. As Collette said:

Tonight at 7:30pm, my friend, Angela arrived with her adorable little boy, Jasper. We visited while she fed her son. We visited while we got the boys ready for bed. We visited while she unpacked and got situated. She closed the door to rock Jasper to sleep. Jared was holding Grayson to start calming him down for bed. And that's precisely when Grayson decided to projectile vomit. All over Jared.

Tonight at 9:30pm, my friend, Angela packed up her things and went to stay with another friend.

So, we were off to my sweet friend Heather Smith's house. Lucky for us, she too lives in Saratoga Springs. We were supposed to visit with her on Tuesday....little did she know we'd be staying with her for a couple days. Heather and I know each other from the good old days when we both worked as counselors at the Academy for Girls summer program. I have not seen her for a long, long time. We have kept in touch though, and she has designed our Christmas cards and Jasper's birth announcement. We had a great visit and I learned much from Heather about being a great mom and wife. Thanks Heather!

Above is a photo of Jasper with her little Max. What cuties!

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