Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Tomorrow I am starting my 2 week free trial membership at Gold's Gym. We used to go to 24 Hour Fitness near our old house and it was a beautiful gym and we loved it. The 24 out here is a little too scary for me to get excited about. I used to love to go for walks with Jasper, but let's be honest, it is just too hot here to get excited about that for 1 minute.

Jasper & I went checked it out the gym this afternoon after lunch at Firehouse Subs with Mike. A major bonus is that you don't have to pay for child care while you work out. I took Jasper into the child care center and it is really big and really clean -- which was a nice surprise. It was also pretty empty, which was also a surprise. We looked around for a minute and then when we went to leave he started to cry because he wanted to stay and play. The girls that work there seem super sweet, so I left Jasper there to play with them and the 3 other kids while I finished the tour and sales pitch. Jasper loves to be with other kids, so I think he will enjoy his time at the gym quite a bit.

I am hitting the 8:30 AM spin class tomorrow and I am 100% positive that I am going to "feel the pain". Just to illustrate how out of shape I am...tonight while I was getting my stuff out, Jasper's stuff out, etc., Mike said, "Are you nervous about going to spinning tomorrow?" :>

Why would Mike say this? Maybe because I shared with him that when I got my cycling shoes (pictured above) down from the tip top shelf in the far corner of the closet, not only were they dusty, but there was an actual spider web across them. Now that's just sad. Back in my glory days I used to be a spinning instructor at the Gold's Gyms in Provo. Those were the days!

The gym also has a dark, cool room with loud speakers called the "CardioTheater" where they play movies projected onto the wall. Anything that can be described as "cool" and "dark" in the summer in Las Vegas sounds great to me.

One day, when I am less frustrated about the car salesman tactics of the sales guy I might post about, but I am too incensed now. I will share one line with you. After sitting through 20 minutes of the power point presentation I have the nerve to ask, "Can we just get to the part where you tell me how much a membership will cost?" My sales guy says, "Oh, so it's just all about money for you". Implying that you really can't put a price on fitness. I say, "Well Ray, yeah, it is about money. I am on a budget, and I like to spend my money wisely, so yes, I would like to know how much money it will cost me to work out here. Is that okay to ask?" Like I said...don't get me started.

If I survive my class I'll let you know how it goes. :>

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Elizabeth said...

Hey,Angela I saw your post on Mandy's site. I am so excited you have a blog. It is nice way to get to know the other ladies in the ward isn't it? Plus I love how it keeps me in touch with my family far away. My site is set on private but I would like to add you as a friend. If you e-mail me your e-mail. I can invite you.

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