Sunday, July 20, 2008

Any Suggestions???

Jasper is almost 11 months old, which means that he can't go into the Nursery Primary Class for 9 more months. After wrestling with him at Church today, that seems like a long, long way away.

I asked the Primary leaders how early he can come to Nursery, and they said at 16 months if I come with him. That still leaves me 7 more months to try and keep occupied for 3 hours of Church.

We did reach a new milestone today. All 3 of us stayed in our seats for the entire Sacrament meeting. This was a first for me. Usually Jasper has a meltdown, or starts tugging on my blouse so hard that I give in and we go nurse in the Mother's lounge.

I feel like we are a big distraction in Sunday School, Relief Society and Elder's Quorum meetings. I find myself asking, "What are we supposed to do for the next 7 months?" Jasper just wants to climb, cruise, crawl and EXPLORE, not be reverent at Church.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Help, please.


janelle said...

So I don't have any suggestions on how to keep him occupied....but boy, oh boy I love watching that kid!! You are not a distraction at all...he's adorable!

Angela said...

Thanks for making me feel better Janelle! You are a sweetie!

Heather said...

Well - sistah - I know how you feel. We had the hardest time ever with Abraham and I had many teary Sundays because I just didn't know how to handle all those wiggles. From about 11 months - 18 months I wish they just had a casual class where parents could go with their kids - and let the kids play and the parents have a mini lesson. At least then we wouldn't be roaming the halls. But since there is no such class, I think hall time does become inevitable sometimes. I do think he is probably more of a distraction to you than he is to others just because you're sensitive to his noise and wiggles. Good luck and if I think of anything that helped with Abe, I'll holler!

Kelli said...


Oh boy . . . I know how it is, once they become mobile it is tough! We used to strap Jake and Chloe in a little umbrella stroller and pack every treat, toy, etc to keep them entertained (it took a few weeks of training) but after that they knew they couldn't get out of the stroller and it made things a bit easier. A sweet lady told me once, "You feel like you are just wandering the halls for months, but you're teaching you child that this is where we come and stay each Sunday." That made me feel I was doing something even if I wasn't learning anything. Happy Waiting.

Lauralee said...

remember that we have all been there.. and it is a tough time.. keep going.. you are where you are suppose to be, and I guess the thing that we did with our kids.. is not let them get down when we "took them out" they had to sit on a chair.. (and cry) or curt would take them in an empty room and make them sit on a table.. we would not let them run around.. curt did most of the taking out, cause it is exhausting.. and I would end up all sweaty and frustrated, and my muscles would ache.. we had BIG babies.. so anyway, we are out of that stage for now, and I am grateful.. most people are understanding, and like the "side show" during a boring class.. take care.. enjoy it won't last forever..

Ashby Family said...

In a ward I attended years ago when Alexis was mobile and not in nursery they had a relief society lesson on making sure everyone feels included and they went out of their way to talk about Mom's and their babies and they needed to be included in relief society too. We had a big discussion on how to help and most expressed that really they are more loud to you than anyone else. We also talked about giving Mom's breaks if their child is really restless. Alexis was HORRIBLE in my opinion during church but after that lesson I walked away feeling like there was hope and its ok if they make some noise and have the wiggles. We all expect it! : ) If you ever need a break and Jasper needs to go out I'd love to take your cute guy for a walk especially now since I don't have to worry about it so much with a 2 and 4 year old.

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