Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is Heaven like?

When you live in Las Vegas, Heaven is REAL grass, lots of tall trees and a cool pool to swim in. Today was playgroup with the mom's and kids in our Ward (church congregation). We went over to one of the mom's homes that has a beautiful BIG backyard. I kept telling Jasper -- for me, today, this is Heaven! The pool has a great big step for the little ones to play on and a big slide. In the photo on the step Jasper is splashing so hard I had to close my eyes (click on the photo to enlarge it and see the drops of water). I pushed him around in this pool float (which you can see in the background of the same photo) for 15 laps or so today. I figured that I might as well try to get a little work out in, and Jasper loves me to swim him around. His favorite game is when I go under the water and pop up for a peek-a-boo.

I owe Mike a big THANK YOU today. I locked my keys in the van when we arrived at the party today. Mike came up to rescue us on his lunch break. I love to tell Mike how hard my life is with all the chores, errands, TRYING to keep up with Jasper, etc. Well, let's just say that when Mike arrived at the pool party in the Heaven of a backyard, suddenly my life didn't seem so hard. There we were splashing, playing and eating Cheeto Puffs. Hard life. :>


Lani said...

I have no idea what Jasper is wearing in the pool photos, but it's cute - the way it's clinging in one of the shots, it ends up looking like a very cool baby wetsuit. He's like a little James Bond.

Ok. Maybe my imagination is running away with me here...*grin*

Collette said...

Yea! I'm so excited you've entered the blog world!

Heidi said...

I'm glad you have a blog! This will make it easier to keep up with all your adventures. And I'm jealous that you guys are spending so much time in the pool. Since it SNOWED here on Tuesday, I'm looking forward to summer coming!

Heidi said...

Like the Heidi above, I'm also glad you have a blog!

How ARE you?

1juddem said...

Thanks for telling us about your blog. Everytime I see Jasper I just think is soooo cute! I haven't seen a bad picture yet.

summer c said...

So you have a blog. So fun! Add me to your links. Glad you guys are in for the fire department....sounds like a lot of fun huh?!

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